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Planning an art licensing collection

Ok... so this is my first blog post ever... I guess I've missed the blogging era... (I am late to the game, I get it). However, I have recently learned that blogging is a great way to improve SEO. So, here I am...

I'm going to start this journey by sharing my process to create a series of artwork intended to art licensing. My initial idea is an art collection for school age kids, science inclined and gender neutral (but some might consider it for boys). The artwork should suit for greeting cards, jigsaw puzzle, and wall art. I also intend to make some surface pattern designs to be submitted to gift companies.

A few weeks ago, the Perseverance rover – formerly called Mars 2020, had landed on Mars! The Red Planet expedition was the chosen theme for this collection.

I had in mind a futuristic approach, I was thinking humans exploring in Mars. After some research, I started brainstorming the products this collection could be licensed for. The number one product in my mind was jigsaw puzzles. I knew the artwork should be large and very detailed. But, I also had to think about greeting cards, a bunch of patterns that could be printed in fabric, wrapping paper, and even kids PJ's!

Two things I'd like to explore with this collection: one was isometric "perspective" (not a true perspective point of view); the second was go further on the Van Gogh texture style (I don't know if there's an official denomination, sorry). I mean, to add in some places, not all over the artwork... just to add points of interest.

I drew each element of the artwork separately (just because the file was super heavy) using Procreate app in my Ipad Pro. I'd used the isometric grid, as shown on the sketch from the picture above.

After all the elements were done, I'd put everything together in Photoshop. Here I'm only showing the artwork intended to the jigsaw puzzle, but I have actually created 25 artworks for this collection! Now the collection is in the hands of my art licensing agent, Julie Ager from ADG licensing agency. If you are interested in seeing this collection for licensing purposes, please, get in touch with Julie.

Thank you for reading my blog! This wasn't so painful after all! 😜

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