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Unleashing Creativity: A child's Nature Journaling Adventure at the Local Park

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Nature has a way of capturing our hearts and inspiring our creativity, regardless of age. In this blog post, I'm excited to share that my daughter Clarice (8 years old) has also started on nature journaling! We embarked on a nature journaling adventure at our local park. Through her drawings and observations, she proved that anyone, regardless of age or experience, can begin the art of nature journaling.

On a grey, rainy morning, I was watching the girls (Clarice and her friends) play at the park close to our home and I saw some unexpected milkweed there! Me, being the local butterfly lady, couldn't resist the opportunity to tell the girls about the link between milkweed and our dear monarch butterflies. We couldn't find any monarchs eggs or caterpillars at that moment, but we'll sure come back in a few days to check again.

After returning home (since we were not prepared to record our findings I did not bring with me her sketchbook or any crayons) she started to record her first entry on her brand new DIY sketchbook (some sheets of paper folded in half and stapled together), made by yours truly.

girl drawing a milkweed in her nature journal
Clarice drawing a milkweed

All of that is to say that anyone can do nature journaling! Clarice's experience from today in nature journaling showcases the limitless potential that resides within each one of us, regardless of age. Her drawings, though simple, captured the essence and beauty of the natural world, radiating her unique perspective and creativity. She demonstrated that the art of nature journaling isn't about perfection but about the joy of expression and the intimate connection with nature.

Clarice's experience also highlights the accessibility of nature journaling. Armed with a simple DIY journal, coloured pencils, and an open mind, she embarked on a profound creative adventure. She proved that even for beginners, the act of recording nature's wonders through art can be deeply rewarding and transformative.

I hope our little adventure at the park inspires you all to pick up our pencils and embark on our own creative adventures. Whether you're an adult seeking to reconnect with nature or a child exploring the world around you, remember that the joy of nature journaling lies in the process, not just the final result.

Find a quiet spot in a local park, a backyard garden, or even a potted plant on your windowsill. Observe, sketch, and let your creativity flow onto the pages of your journal. Don't worry about perfection or artistic skill—simply let nature guide your hand and your imagination soar!


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