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Chillin' with Penguins: My Wild Encounter in the World of Nature Journaling!

Hey there, fellow nature lovers! I recently visited Montreal’s Biodôme, as the smoke from the wild fires here in Quebec doesn’t let us stay outdoors. So, my latest entry in my nature journal was based on this visit. Me, the kids and some friends spent some time watching the penguins. Inspired by their adorable goofyness, I decided to dive into my nature journal.

As I strolled along the exhibit, I couldn't help but be captivated by the penguins' playful nature. Their sleek feathers shimmered in the sunlight as they gracefully slid across the ice, showcasing their impressive swimming skills. With each waddle, their comical personalities shone through, bringing smiles to everyone around.

Eager to capture these magical moments, I whipped out my trusty nature journal and coloured pencils. As I observed their movements, I quickly sketched their distinctive shapes, adding pops of colour to reflect their vibrant plumage.

But nature journaling isn't just about drawing. It's about capturing the essence of the experience. So, I jotted down my observations and wrote about the laughter of children mesmerized by their whimsical performances. What stood out for me was the colours of the rocks they were on. So I tried to capture that too.

What I love most about nature journaling is the freedom it offers. There are no right or wrong ways to express yourself. Whether you prefer detailed sketches or silly doodles, the journal is your creative canvas. And when it comes to penguins, the possibilities are endless!

One thing I discovered through this experience is that nature journaling isn't just about documenting what you see; it's about connecting with nature on a deeper level. It allows you to slow down, appreciate the beauty around you, and form a personal bond with the creatures you encounter.

Through my penguin-inspired journaling, I felt a profound appreciation for these incredible birds and their unique habitat. If live in a place that has a Biodôme like the one in Montreal, I encourage you go to visit the penguins! Take a moment to observe, draw, and write about the amazing creatures that inhabit our planet. It's a fantastic way to combine your love for art, nature, and a good dose of penguin-inspired fun!

Remember, there are no penguin police checking your artistic skills, so embrace the imperfections and have fun with it! Let your nature journal be a reflection of your own unique perspective and a reminder of the wild encounters that spark joy and wonder in your life. So, go forth, my fellow adventurers! Grab your sketchbook, channel your inner penguin, and dive headfirst into the delightful world of nature journaling.


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